Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hi my name is....

Welcome to my blog!
My name is Laura.
I currently live in Long Beach, MS
I've been married to my wonderful husband-Allen- for almost 4 yrs.
Audrey, our daughter was born October 27, 2007.
She is 5 months and growing strong!
...& teething!
I own 3 businesses... because I can't find enough to keep me busy!
My husband and I decided I was going to stay home and raise our daughter, so I've had to find ways to still bring some income in so we dont fall too far behind.

I run a housecleaning service, make and sell baby items- such as nursing pillows and hotslings, and I host and teach scrapbooking and papercraft classes.
If you're in the area and interested, please email me!

April 1, 2008: April Fools!

Good Afternoon!
My day started around 4:30am and hasn't stopped!
Yet I have not accomplished anything!
Audrey (my 5 month old) has been keeping me busy with her mood swings-due to teething.
I'm starting this blog to display my work, and the work of those I teach.
If you do decide to comment on the work, please keep it friendly!
Thank you and Enjoy!
...better go do something productive now!